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Everett “Vic” Firth Inducted Into Guitar Center’s RockWalk

Dedicated to “individuals who have made a significant contribution to The Music Business”, the Guitar Center RockWalk recently welcomed Everett “Vic” Firth – world famous timpanist for the Boston Symphony Orchestra and founder of the Vic Firth Company – to its ranks of music pioneers and performing legends. Awarded posthumously at the 27th annual Guitar Center Drum-Off, the RockWalk honor was presented to Craigie Zildjian by Remo Belli, CEO and Founder of Remo, Inc. Accepting on behalf of Vic, his family and the company he founded, Craigie took a moment to reflect on Vic’s storied career. “I’m so pleased to see Vic recognized for both his business acumen as well as his musical talent,” stated Craigie Zildjian, CEO of Zildjian Company, which merged with the Vic Firth Company in 2010. “If you knew Vic, clearly one career was never going to be enough. So, it seems as though Vic needed the drumstick business as much as it needed him!” Indeed, Vic’s contributions to the music industry were many. His obsession with the quality of sound guided his playing, his teaching, and ultimately led to the birth of the Vic Firth Company in 1963. Vic is credited with inventing or standardizing many of the key manufacturing processes percussionists rely on today, including centerless grinding, pitch-pairing, weight-sorting, injection molding and much more. With all the technological breakthroughs he made, he coined the tagline, “The Perfect Pair™” which has become iconic around the world among drummers. Asked in 2013 to reflect on the 50th anniversary of his company, Vic – as he was known to do – humbly downplayed the accomplishment. “As wonderful as it is to reflect and appreciate where we’ve been, our eyes are always on the future – and the future is bright. I would like to express appreciation to all the great musicians who have chosen to perform with my sticks through the years – for this, I most graciously thank you all.” ©2018 Vic Firth Company

VF Artist, Mike Dolbear’s Ultimate Drum Experience

Eight years ago Vic Firth Artist, Mike Dolbear, created the Ultimate Drum Experience (UDE) event in the UK. UDE is an opportunity for amateur and professional level drummers to improve their overall skill level in a five day-long intensive drum course. Participants will work hands-on with Vic Firth Artists; Gavin Harrison, Ralph Salmins, Ash Soan, Richard Spaven, Gabor Dornyei, and many other top UK performers and educators. Some of the topics that will be covered at this year’s UDE include; It’s All About the Swing, Everything You Need To Know About Tuning & Getting the Best From Your Kit, Modern Drumming Concepts, and much more. There will also be evening events taking place during this 5-day long drum course such as; drum clinics, a jam night, and a round table discussion with top industry professionals. “I had nothing to worry about; the tutors for the week were Geoff Dugmore, Jason Bowld and Stanton Moore. They made everyone feel at ease and I made sure I tackled my fear by getting up to play in front of the class. I remember my elation at playing ‘Cissy Strut’ by The Meters in tandem with Stanton Moore: it’s not often that you get opportunities like that!” – Gemma Hill (editor of iDrum/DRUMMER magazine) “looking back I can see that it was a crucial point in my drumming timeline. It was inspiring to be taught and given advice from some of my favourite drummers in such a focussed environment. The skills, the techniques and the confidence that I gained were essential to my progression. At another level, I realised that as a musician, there is a drumming community and the Ultimate Drum Experience is a gateway into that network. I would highly recommend it to take your drumming professionally to the next level.” – Rob Hall (professional drummer for Catfish and the Bottlemen.) ©2018 Vic Firth Company

Catch VF Artist, Andres Patrick Forero playing on HBO

The Electric Company is a popular PBS program which incorporates music and animation to enhance the comprehension of reading, phonics, and vocabulary. Episodes of this multi Emmy award-winning show are soon to be aired on HBO’s family network. Since 2009 Vic Firth artist, Andres Patrick Forero has been an active member of the music ensemble featured on the Electric Company. From January of 2009 through April of 2011, Andres performed on all 53 episodes that were aired during that time. This isn’t the only time that Andres’ talents have televised for a national audience. He and fellow Vic Firth artist, Benny Reiner, performed live with the cast and orchestra of the broadway hit musical, Hamilton, on last night’s Grammy Awards. Hamilton won the award for Best Musical Theatre Album. Be sure to tune into the Electric Company on HBO’s Family network to hear Andres perform! Watch last night’s live performance from the cast and orchestra of Hamilton. ©2018 Vic Firth Company

Steve Smith on the ’85 Split from Journey

With a hugely publicized Journey reunion in the works, Vic Firth signature artist Steve Smith recently sat down with The Drummers Journal to discuss his departure from the band in ’85 and how it inspired him to become a better player and not quit. You can read the entire, in-depth interview for free at www.thedrummersjournal.com. ©2018 Vic Firth Company

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