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VF Artists to Perform on the Grammy’s with Hamilton the Musical

  The number one show on Broadway, Hamilton the Musical will be part of the 2016 Grammy Awards live on February 15th. Vic Firth artists Andres Patrick Forero and Benny Reiner will join the cast and orchestra in a live performance from the Richard Rogers Theater which will be simulcast during the Grammy Awards. This is only the 3rd time that the Grammy’s has done a simulcast performance in its 58 year existence. Please tune in to see this exciting live television appearance. Andres Patrick Forero is considered to be one of the best “Crossover” Drummer/Percussionists in the industry. Early in his music career, Andres was asked to take the prestigious title of jazz ambassador to the United States through the United Nations. He has traveled around the world as a peace leader and ambassador of music. Here at home, he keeps a busy teaching and playing schedule! Benny Reiner is a native of Jonesboro, Arkansas and studied music at the University of Memphis, majoring in Jazz and Studio Performance. After establishing himself in the historic Memphis music scene, he relocated to Nashville and finally New York City to further his education at The New School for Jazz and his career as a producer and performer.   ©2018 Vic Firth Company

Anika Nilles Lands Drummer Magazine Cover Story

How did an unknown drummer from Mannheim Germany grab the world’s attention and become a worldwide drumming sensation? YouTube. Simple, right? Actually, the story of Anika Nilles is a lot deeper than that — and Joel McIver gets right to the heart of it in Drummer Magazine‘s February feature on Anika. Like almost every other successful drummer, Anika got the bug to play really early on. She would steal time on her dad’s kit down in their basement whenever possible. By age 6, her dad was brining her to the local music school for lessons. Although her passion for music was obvious as the years went on, her parents insisted that she should have a back up plan in case this whole drumming thing didn’t work out (sound familiar?). She studied social education for six years before making the jump to study music full time at the Popakademie in Mannheim. For most of us, Anika came on the radar in 2013 when she uploaded her original tune “Wild Boy” to YouTube. Believe it or not, she had no intention or expectation of going viral. She just wanted to land a gig! Far from a flash in the pan, Anika has proven to be a force to be reckoned with! She’s just wrapped up a major international clinic tour and an appearance on the main stage at the London Drum Show. We can’t wait to see where Anika’s career goes next! Pick up Drummer’s February issue to check out the complete feature on Anika. You can also order a single issue online, here. You can also read about Anika in Drummer’s digital publication, iDrum ©2018 Vic Firth Company

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