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Drumfights is here because of my obsession with drums and drumming, it really is that simple. I have spent years playing, listening, studying and talking about them, and as the internet evolved, the doors were opened to see the best from around the world. This is brilliant, but for every professional drummer out there, there are many players working locally, playing in bands, or playing in rehearsal and practice rooms worldwide. The cool thing is every drummer brings something different to their music, differing feels, styles, and not forgetting those wonderful kits built and evolved to suit their playing.

This got me thinking of a site which will allow drummers to see players from all over, in many settings, at all ability levels, playing all types of kits. A hub, compiled by drummers, for drummers, to inform drummers everywhere. Watch other players, give it a vote if you want, check out their style, maybe adapt something for your own playing or pick up a cool way to play something, even a stick trick. It’s all good. The site will allow open collaboration on the videos uploaded, and as we go forward, we will add more informative articles, hints and tips in the blog section. We are working from small acorns here, but please feel free to register, and be a part of Drumfights as we grow. the more members, the better, every drummer has a voice, and every drummer can learn from the next, it all helps us improve at the Drumset. That’s a cool thing!

The observant will have noticed we mentioned you can vote on a video. Thats right, cos Drumfights has a league table at it’s heart! Every three months, you can submit your video, and over that period users can vote on the most popular. No comments, a simple vote will register, and at the end of each bout, WE HAVE A WINNER! And, you guessed it, at the end of three heats, the Finalists go head to head! Each heat has a prize, something Drummy and cool, and the end of Year winner received an absolutely exclusive prize, a real one off to have any drummer drooling.

What could be better?

So, join us! Registration is free, and only takes a minute, and tell all your drum buddies to do the same; the more we have, the bigger the battle, the more players we see, and the more we learn. Awesome

So here we go,